2014 Mudslinger (4/4/14)

The Mudslinger Bike Race celebrates its 26th year when the race starts this weekend.

The races will be happening our our Tum Tum Tree Farm, starting at the Blodgett School.

There are three different races, the Mudslinger Hill Climb, Super D, and Cross Country. One Hill Climb and multiple courses depending on your ability for the post Hill Climb Super D. Compete in one day or both in the Mudslinger Dirt Stage race and compete for overall honors for the weekend in a cumulative time Stage race combining Stage 1 (Hillclimb) and Stage 2 (Super D) and Stage 3 (26th Mudslinger XC). Phew, that is a mouthful!

At any rate, Mike Ripley does an awesome job organizing this race and if you want to learn more about it, check out their website

There is a great video on the Mudslinger website about the race. Starker Forests is pleased to support Mike and the Mudslinger race.

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Reforestation at Starker Forests (3/26/14)

Starting each harvest/regeneration cycle with the highest quality seedlings we can produce, is a small but important part of our commitment to the future.

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2014 Starker Lecture Series to begin Feb 6.

John Gordon, Pinchot Professor Emeritus and Former Dean
Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies will present: Forestry Diversity: A Key to Oregon’s Future

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Starker Forests Forestry Manager, Marc Vomocil, receives Corvallis First Citizen Award

Marc likes being “under the radar” but we want to put him front and center to say Congratulations!

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Tree Planting Day 2014 Info (1/17/14)

Everything is planned as scheduled with no weather related delay or cancellation. Dress in warm attire as temperatures will be in the 30’s.

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Coming up: Spaces Available for Youth Tree Planting Day

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Cut your Christmas tree at Starker Forests!

Starker Forests offers permits for Christmas Tree cutting.

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Starker Forests Forester Receives Award

4-H presents Mark Gourley with its Benton County Fair Outstanding 4-H Superintendent Award.

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The 2013 Fire Season may have ended weeks ago, but recent dry conditions have rekindled several slash burns and brought fire activity back with a fury.

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Fire Season 2013 (9/25/13)

Ciao! Adios! Goodbye!

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