Starker Lecture Series continues this week

During his travels in the Pacific Northwest between 1825-33, Scottish naturalist David Douglas successfully collected the seeds of a wide variety of important timber species, including the one that soon assumed his own name. This slide presentation will investigate the landscapes where he saw those trees growing, as well as the Native American and fur trade uses he recorded that helped him assess each species’ commercial prospects.

Spokane-based teacher and naturalist Jack Nisbet is the author of several books that explore the human and natural history of the Columbia River drainage, including The Collector, a biography of David Douglas that was named a 2010 Book of the Year by the PNW Booksellers Association.

His collection of essays about Douglas, titled A Naturalist at Work, served as the catalog for a David Douglas exhibit that he and his wife Claire curated. A traveling version of this exhibit will be on display at the Washington County Museum in Hillsboro through summer 2015.

Nisbet’s next project, Ancient Places, will be published in May. For details, visit Jack’s website

Information about the 2015 Starker Lecture Series can be found here

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Corvallis hosts training for search and rescue dogs

This weekend long event took place on our Dan Farmer Tree Farm

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2015 Tree Planting Day pictures!

Look here!

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Renew your recreation permit!

Don’t forget to come to our office to renew your recreation permit for 2015.

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Christmas trees available from Starker Forests!

$5 permits available to have your own Christmas tree cutting adventure.

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Hunting Update (11/20/2014)

All gates except those in the Alsea area will be closed during the upcoming 2nd elk season due to the ice storm last week.

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Coming up: Tree Planting Day 2015!

Tree Planting Day is February 7th. Call our office to sign up!

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Tree Planting Day 2015

Mark your calendars for February 7, 2015.

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Fire season ends (10/14/14)

Fire season has ended. We will open our gates that are normally opened for hunting season as we are able to over the next week.

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Gate Opening Information (9/30/14)

Our gates will remain closed until ODF ends fire season and regulated use.

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