Gate Opening Information (9/30/14)

We will open gates when the Oregon Department of Forestry ends Fire Season and Regulated Use. Those with permits may walk-in to recreate on our lands. Please do not park in a way that blocks a gate. We don’t have automatic door openers on our gates (but that would be cool), so when fire season ends, it may take some time to get the gates open.

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Obtaining a permit

Mailing a permit to you this week (9/29/14) won’t work.

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Board of Forestry

Gary Springer of Starker Forests is reappointed to the Oregon Board of Forestry

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Starker Forests Recreation Update

Our forestlands are open to the public, with a free permit, for walk-in, horseback ride-in and bike-in use. Unless we receive significant* rain before October 4th, our gates will remain closed when the rifle deer season begins.

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Coming up: Tree Planting Day 2015!

Tree Planting Day is January 31th. Call our office to sign up!

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Fire Danger Remains High (9/3/14)

We notice cool nights and a different smell to the morning air. BUT WAIT! Fire danger remains high!

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Thinning forests can cut fire risk, boost diversity: Guest opinion (8/9/14)

All life requires moisture, energy, air and nutrients. On any given area, those are finite and the life that can be supported (its carrying capacity) is also finite.

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Industrial Fire Precaustion Level 2 (7/30/14)

The moisture we received last week was a welcome change. Unfortunately the effects from that were short lived. The current forecast is for hot and dry conditions to persist throughout the week (and likely into next week as well). With that in mind, we are moving into an Industrial Fire Precaution Level (IFPL) 2 in WO-1 on Wednesday, July 30, 2014.

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Preparation can protect homes from wildfire risk

Benton County and wildfire safety experts from the National Fire Protection Association’s Firewise Communities Program are encouraging residents to prepare their homes for the impending wildfire season.

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Fire Season 2014

Fire season is approaching and probably will be declared in the next couple of weeks.

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