Still in fire season

While the recent rain has helped, the West Oregon District is still in an Industrial Fire Precaution Level 1 status.

As of now, our lands remain open. Please check our website or Facebook page for updates.
Please remember the following rules and guidelines for recreational use on our lands.

1 – Walk in access only – absolutely NO motorized vehicles at any time

2 – No parking in tall grass

3 – DO NOT Block gates – you will be towed at your expense

4 – Absolutely NO smoking or target shooting at any time

Contact Starker Forests or the local County Sheriff’s office if you notice anyone using our forestlands in an unauthorized manner. Please call our office if you have any questions.

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Fire Season Update 2016

The West Oregon District will go into IFPL-3 on 8/18/16. For more info: here

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Starker consulting biologist receives forestry award

Fran Cafferata Coe has received the inaugural Young Forester Award from the Oregon Society of American Foresters (OSAF)

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Starker Forests welcomes Mudslingers!

For over 25 years, the Mudslinger bike race has been a hallmark April event on the Tum Tum Tree Farm.

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Starker Forests Taking Measures to Stop Unauthorized Trail Building and Use

We have experienced an explosion of unauthorized trail construction and use on our property adjacent to the OSU Research Forests near Corvallis.

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Tree Planting Day in the News

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2016 Tree Planting Day pictures!

Look here!

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25th Annual Tree Planting Day

We are gearing up for tree planting day on Saturday, February 6th.

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2016 Recreation Permits

Renew your permit today!

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Measuring the 2015 Oregon wildfire season in gallons

So, just how severe was Oregon’s wildfire season this summer? About 838,000 gallons’ worth, according to Neal Laugle, the Department of Forestry’s (ODF) aviation unit manager.

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